In an ideal world, users of course management systems could simply use them, and the content could be exported to a standards-based format and then easily imported into another system. (Actually, in an "ideal world" we would never have gotten into this CMS mess in the first place, but that is another story...)

Unfortunately, the support for interoperability formats is uneven at best and there is no such thing as a plug and play world for learning content across course management systems. While things like the IMS Content Packaging spec (and the newer IMS Common Cartridge spec) offer themselves as non-product-specific middle ground, they are unevenly supported, and we are often left finding and developing ad hoc methods to move from specific platform (even specific version of platform) to specific other platform.

This page is an attempt to collect known tools for getting content out of and into various CMS. PLEASE add to it if you have knowledge of others, or else you can add to it by tagging the resource in with "cms_migration" (cf. Or email it to me ( or suggest a feed to monitor here (or another page that aggregates this information better!) but for goodness sake, share the info!

Getting Content Out of....



WebCT CE6 / WebCT Vista

  • CE6 - "content modules" can be exported as IMS Content Packages that work in many other CMS.
  • Full courses can NOT be exported at one time in a compliant format.


  • D2L's content export tool works fairly well to produce IMS Content Packages ...

Converting Content Into...



Other Possibilites and Resources

  • Drupal as LOR -
  • S.O.U.R.C.E. (Sharing Objects Under Repository Control With Everyone) -
    • "The primary aim of the SOURCE project is to create a standard and commonly used repository “plug” which will enable a bulk migration tool to “plug-in” and automatically transfer content from one repository to another; this is reflected in the name of the project: Sharing Objects Under Repository Control with Everyone. "

Resources Contribute by the Community through tag "CMS_Migration"

    Other Links from feeds (please email with new suggestions for tags to include here)