• have everyone in the room come away with at least 1 new place they will go to find reusable learning resources for their courses
  • look at how people are looking for resources now and discuss some of the issues they face, and what might help
  • show them an interesting way to capture resources that is then simple to repurpose and collaborate on

  • find a willing participant
  • find out what discipline they specialize in; what they want to teach a course on
  • find out what there current practice is for locating existing resources they can reuse in their course
  • Issues with those:
    • is it a 'good' resource?
    • is it a 'learning' resource?
    • am I allowed to use it?
    • am I allowed to alter it?
    • will it work in my envirnment?
del.icio.us account for resource links - http://del.icio.us/freelearningresources