Somethings I'd love to do/talk about during Alan's visit to Victoria
  • extend tagging plugin for WP to use auto-completion from
    • mod en existing plugin?? if so, which one??
  • bookmarklet to launch a google coop search from *any* page you are viewing
    • url for coop search?
  • greasemonkey script or other means to highlight which twitter followers you share in common with someone when looking at their profile
    • hmm, so if I am looking at profile for @joebloe it will indicate (color, text) if someone they follow is someone I follow? interesting. script would have to hit twitter API; certainly doable
  • run the plans for Edutools Part Deux by Alan, get his feedback
  • show him Abelton Live and my music setup
    • cool! What is Abelton Live?? I've been dusting off the acoustic guitar so my fingers will not be tired
    • a tonyb duo!

Alan tosses in...
  • how to get developers to take over feed2js as open source, hosted now at eduforge (Beyond concept, I really know nothing about running an open source project)
  • feedback/review of Horizon project process, activities that might sustain it or keep discussion going year round
  • I discarded the idea of bittorrent for distribution of edu content, but curious if there could be a demonstration project where it might work
  • how to make a good, viable, not transparent educational ARG
  • what can be done to really bust out the tired conference format, f2f or online

UVic Talk

When, Where... Monday Feb. 25th, 2-4pm - the main seminar room at the LTC (HHB 128)

Session Description:

Emerging Technology Conversations with Scott and Alan
Join us not for a session where we talk and you sit and listen, but more of a "salon" discussion format. We have some topics to serve up with starting points, but you can choose from them à la carte and let your interests and ideas drive where they go.
  • NMC Horizon Report The 2008 report will just be a few weeks public, so we can discuss the relevance of the technologies and strategies identified, and what they might mean for your local context
  • Social Bookmarking for Knowledge Management blah blah blah
  • 50 Web 2.0 Ways to tell a Story - it can be about "cool tools" but also illustrates the breadth and every shifting terra "not so" firma of the web
  • Virtual Worlds - Second Life has compelling interest, its own bag of issues, and this ought to be the year we see a busting out of other viable virtual worlds for education