Increasingly learners are disintermediating, or at the very least augmenting, the role that Institutions have played in connecting them with other learners, instructional support and resources. In the realm of informal learning this is now commonplace and constitutes much of what is referred to by 'Network Learning.' But it is also happening in formal education, sometimes facilitated by the institution itself but often routed around it. I believe that collecting examples of this will help Institutions identify opportunities and threats, figure out what is core to their offering in a new networked world and what is simply an old and threatened way of doing business. It may be that the institutions of today will simply disappear, as is happening in other industries. But as in those cases, there are often core societical values many of us do not want to loose, and I believe it is possible to help them transform into networks that still preserve some of these values.

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Finding Other Learners


Finding Resources

Finding Instructional Support

Other Ways in which students/learners are bypassing institutional systems or using social/web 2.0 systems to augment/beat the system (e.g. Housing, Registrar, Advising)