Note: cf. Bill Corrigan's notes at

Day 1 - Monday April 16

opening session - Rob Abel

Tuesday - vendor/tech focused
Wednesday - ceo/VP focused
207 attendees, 38% from outside US; 2: 1 ratio of members:non-members
top heavy with senior execs

"adaptive expertise" - learning how to learn

"potential standards are a distributed infrastructure for innovation" - hogwash

Common Cartridge equivalent to "courses"?
  • packaging
  • metadata
  • assessment
  • discussion
  • invocation off web-based apps
  • 3rd party formats (scorm, mpeg, quicktime, etc)
  • cartridge authorization info (DRM???)

Bernard Luskin - 1st keynote



  • good chat with Sandy Brittain; follow up re: exe
  • follow up with publishers re: common cartridge support
  • follow up with IMS re: access to Common Cartridge

Day 2 - Tuesday April 17

2nd session - "Sakai as Enterprise Software for Scholarly Work"
"gradable events"

sustainability of open education resources - partnering with other (often private or NGO) bodies to provide services and/or content

Moodle presentation (OU)

"moodle networks" -
new moodle web services API
1.9 release, sched summer 2007
  • repository api
  • learning design export
moodle 2 - end of 2007??
  • full support for IMS Learning Design
  • Community Hub (moodle networks)
  • student info API
for OU, the delivery enviornment and the open content environment (OpenLearn) are in fact different
10 developers working on Moodle at OU

Blackboard - From Island to Archipelago (Bob Alcorn)

guerilla usage patterns
but data where the students want to get it, portals++
javascript is now THE critical language (yeah baby!) - Blackboard not ready for that
"why not just use" worpdress, flickr, etc.
  • tactical not strategical; says you need it to come back into VLWE; which integration models - BuildBlocks? Hub/Broker (SOA/SOAP/REST)? Mashups - consumer and producer; javascript with REST, XML, JSON