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ICT (NCIT) 100
The Business of Information Technology
Introduction to Business Information Systems, Latest Edition (eBook). Huber, Piercy, McKeown, Norrie; Wiley Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-470- 16111-1.

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ICT (NCIT) 102
Computer Hardware
A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting, 5th edition. Andrews, Jean. Course Technology. ISBN: 978-1-435-48738-3.
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ICT (NCIT) 106
Introduction to Programming
There is no required text for the course, instead freely available online materials will be used or provided.

ICT (NCIT) 108
Operating Systems I
A+ Guide to Software: Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting, 5th edition. Andrews, Jean. (Boston: Course Technology, 2010) ISBN: 978-1-435-48737-6.

ICT (NCIT) 110
Professionalism and Customer Service
Customer Serivce Skills for Success, Latest Edition (ebook). Lucas, Robert W. McGraw Hill ISBN-13: 9780073397115.

ICT (NCIT) 112
Foundations of Web Development
New Perspectives on HTML and XHTML. (Comprehensive) 5th edition. Carey, Patrick. ISBN: 978-1-4239-2546-0.

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ICT (NCIT) 114
Networks+ Guide to Networks, 5th edition. Dean, Tamara. Thompson Course Technology. ISBN: 978-1-4239-0245-4.

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ICT (NCIT) 118
Operating Systems II
A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux, 3nd edition. Sobell, Mark. Prentice Hall, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-13-254248-7.
ICT (NCIT) 120
Foundations of Systems Development
Systems Analysis and Design, Latest Edition (e-book), Shelly Cashman Series.
ICT (NCIT) 122
Foundation Project
Information Technology Project Management (with Microsoft Project 2007 CD-ROM), Latest Edition. Schwalbe, Kathy. Course Technologies.
ICT (NCIT) 200
Communications and Professionalism
Workplace Writing. Holt, Marilyn E. Nelson, 2003.
ICT (NCIT) 202
Finite Mathematics
Finite Mathematics and Its Applications, 10th edition. Larry J. Goldstein, David I. Scheider, Martha J. Siegel. Pearson Education ISBN: 13 978-0-321-157189-2.

eTextbook is available through
ICT (NCIT) 214

ICT (NCIT) 216
Database Design

Database Management Systems
Database Systems, Design, Implementation, and Management - Coronel/Morris/Rob, Latest Edition, Course Technologies

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ICT (NCIT) 230
Systems and Application Scripting
Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming, 3rd Edition, by Ford, Jerry Lee, Jr., Course Technology. ISBN: 978-1-598-63803-5.
ICT (NCIT) 232
Network Security
CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-201, 4th edition. Dulaney, Emmett. Wiley Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-470-37297-5.

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ICT (NCIT) 234
Server Management
Microsoft Official Academic Course, Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration, Package (70-640), ISBN: 978-0-470-22509-7.

ICT (NCIT) 236
Network Infrastructure
Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration, Package 70-642. Microsoft Official Academic Course, ISBN: 978-0-470-22515-8.

ICT (NCIT) 260
Capstone Project
N/A - unless required by supporting instructors.

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