Accounting I Outine -

Account II -

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College Accounting: A Practical Approach, 11th Canadian edition, by Slater, Zwicker. Pearson/Prentice Hall. Text with Study Guide with Working Pagers workbook bundled ISBN - 13:9780132839945 or ISBN - 10 0132839946.
Introduction to Financial Accounting -
online course more than textbook

Principles of Account I -

Principles of Accounting II -
from Washington State's Open Course Library

Accounting I -

Accounting II -

Financial Accounting -
Flat World Knowledge

Principles of Accounting -
free but not open, website not book

The Accounting Cycle -

One from a series of 7 from the same author - cf
textbook, but free, not open

Human Relations -

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Human Relations for Career and Personal Success, 3rd Canadian ed. Andrew Dubrin and Terri Geerinck. Prentice Hall Canada. ISBN: 0-13-123996-1.
Effective Communication Skills -
bookboon - free but not open(ad supported)

Communication Course -
Open University course, outputtable in printed form

Business Communication for Success -
Flatworld Knowledge

Guide to Communication and Corporate Culture -
short module

An Overview of Interpersonal Communication Skills -

Business Ethics -
course, outputtable as print