Overall Goals

  • create as much high quality open content as possible
  • get the best return on content investment dollars possible for BC stakeholders
  • improve the ease of sharing and reusing open content
  • improve the visibility of existing open content
  • improve the general interoperability of BC open content, making it reusable in as many environments as possible
  • giving access to learners to open content (?)


  • Victor and I will work on PHP site to do this.
  • Will try to offer two views on content - all CC content, and tagcloud of content keywords
  • will also create section for OCW linkages, links to other open content sites
  • need help with design, branding



OCW is an insititutional initiative. I really think our line should be:
a) we are willing to fun proposals to help jump start OCW at your institution
b) we are also willing to fund course content to be shared through OCW, BUT - primary point of OPDF is to fund online courses in BC. So we will fund original content development; if you want to share it through OCW, that is fine, but you become responsible for getting in there if that is a separate action.

Making the OPDF work better

content development (clean)

support for applied research

(ITA tender results?)