Random Braindumps for OpenEd 2009

Keynote Ideas

People to invite

Program Design

  • "open mic" at opening night dinner (assuming we have one)
  • Kids Area - or kids sessions (flip video, presentations)
  • Hands-on "Camp" strand
  • OCW Startup camp
  • Grassroots/Alternative ed session
    (Sustainable Living Arts, homeschoolers)
  • session with students/learners (ideally combine this with some "result" from the 3 days of kids camp making a video, that would be sooo cool)
  • pecha kucha
  • is a speedmash session/day (along the lines of http://ouseful.wordpress.com/2008/11/30/speedmash-and-mashalong/) something that might get the developers out/start to bring out the issue of "mashability" of their OER resources/systems?


Action Items

  • ask COSL to create a placeholder page on their events listings for Open Education 2009 listing the dates and that it will be held in Vancouver BC.


Ideas to Digitally Augment the Conference