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A Collection of PLE diagrams
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Use/Action Oriented

People Oriented


David Tosh, ELGG a PLE -

external image graphic1.jpg

Jared Stein,

external image 2314107350_b5a5339dba_m.jpg

Derek Wenmoth "PLEs and MLEs" -

external image MLE_PLE_small.jpg
external image MLE_PLE_small.jpg

Stephen Downes - PLE Diagram -

external image L.jpg

Stephen Downes - Another PLE Diagram -

external image 2103402247_ca2bca6c35.jpg

RA Stanier, PLE diagram -

external image ple_e-learning20_webinar.jpg

AJ Cann, PLE Presentation -


Martin Weller - My personal work/leisure/learning environment -

external image pwe_3.jpg

Ray Sims' PLE page -


Michelle Martin's PLE MindMap -

external image scan_of_mm_ple_2.jpg

mctoonish, "my ple" -

external image 2163282548_42c8d40b6a_m.jpg

Sarah Stewart -

external image 2530138127_eb3e28f59e_m.jpg

D'Arcy Norman "My PLE according to Goolge and Touchgraph" -

external image 2314258583_89e1109527_m.jpg
external image my_ple_some_detail.png

David Delgado's PLE diagram -

external image 1346522590_5f2338dc59_o.png

Jeremy Hiebert's PLE Diagram -

external image Hibert_PLE_diagram.jpg

Nation University of Singapore IDEAS Newsletter - example of PLE -

external image PLE.gif

Tim Hand, PLE Diagram -

external image mind-map-3.jpg

Mohamed Amine Chatti's PLE Diagram -

external image My+PLE+PKM.jpg

Jay Cross - Interface.007 -

external image 1467955049_40785442df.jpg

Dave Warlick's Picture of his Personal Learning Network -

external image PLN-20080402-124231.jpg

The 21st Century Teacher - Frank's Blog,

external image 3199658643_c710f42f03.jpg
[[image:file/view/PLN_singleconnection_redhea.gif width="523" height="523"]]

from The 21st Century Teacher - Frank's Blog & Mexico English Teachers' Alliance: META

David Warlick, Personal Learning Network Concept Map

external image personallearningnetwork_1.PNG

Julie Collareda -


Carla Arena 'Professional Development Web' - via personal email


Jeff Swain - My PLE (via private email)


Gabriela OM

This is my actual PLE-N, just as it is before I've got to know the concept. A small reflection about what I found in here:

David Álvarez

My mobile PLE with Android []


Ray Sims - Framework for PLE in Corporations -

external image ple-in-corporate-framework.png

aocnitla 2006 - PLE Group One -

external image 283554490_466bcc4fe0.jpg

aocnitla 2006 - PLE Group Two -

external image 283554493_10d607bdf2.jpg

aocnitla 2006 - PLE Group Six -

external image 237748048_1879da0f46.jpg

Snapshot: my PLE, VLE or...? - Marg O'Connell -

external image 1370918398_8b41f1d4bd.jpg

Piecing together my PLE - Jo Kay -

external image 201867320_5a2fce3e58.jpg

Alan Levine's My Network Probability Cloud … PLEase -

external image 2311500013_c4541b75df.jpg

Alec Couros, PhD Thesis illustration, the Networked Teacher -

external image the-networked-teacher.png?w=530&h=496

Andrew Chambers, Personal Learning Systems Concept Map,

external image Chambers_PLS_concept_map.jpg

Chris Sessums "Weblog Brainstorming" diagram -

external image 2039183682_5f748411c1.jpg

Scott Leslie, PLE Diagram


map of learning activity patterns, from JISC CETIS PLE Report wiki, - (very detailed thorough report)

external image Image002.jpg

Scott Wilson's PLE and the Institution image -

external image PLE_and_institution.png

Interim PLE Profile (from unknown PLE 'app') -

external image 2201774124_185f3d67f4_m.jpg
cf. also list of PLE Implementations -
to which MUST be added Stringle - - good set of PLE links in a wiki

PLE is People - Jared Stein -

external image 2271568921_341701cd09_o.jpg

external image nobb.jpg

The Personal Research Portal

Ismael Peña-López (2008)
The Personal Research Portal: The Virtual Faculty or the Net behind the Classroom,
Seminar imparted online, April 11th, 2008, for the Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research, Athabasca
Original source:


(Click the link above to browse the image (a sensitive map)


PLE as subset of PLN (

Joyce Seitzinger (catspyjamasnz) 2008

external image 3118564555_bfb76f024a.jpg

Bill Graziadei PLE Diagram: Visual Information & Work Flow & Web 2.0 PLN Glog

Chris Smith PLE Diagram


Sue Waters - 5 top tools for a PLE (


Chris Duke - How do you use your PLE? (

external image PLE-MyDiagram-cmdukePLE-v3.jpg

Dallas McPheeters- My Personal Learning Network


Gabi Witthaus - PLE or VLE

external image L.jpg

Ralf Appelt - Keeping your Stuff together (

external image 3923138328_cd4ce77a23.jpg
Related Text in german:

Gretchens Frage - Personal Learning Environment (

external image 3379888408_629ba7415e.jpg

Francesc Esteve My Personal Learning Environment PLE

external image 3039956497_32885db756.jpg

Fernando Santamaría/Concepción Abraira (PLE from my PhD in )


Katherine Pisana - My PLE and 3 Sub PLEs oriented towards specific learning networks

external image my-ple.png

external image MY-MA_ODE-PLE.png external image MY-Professional-PLE.png external image MY-Blog-PLE.png

Mark Smithers - Future Models of Social Learning and here


David Hopkins - PLE / Personal Learning Environment: What’s yours like?

external image DavidHopkins-PLE.jpg

Clayton Costa - My PLE is a mashup version of my virtual world

I have created this workflow to deal with the ammount of data I used to read everyday. Trough it, I could filter the subjects that are not of my interest, eliminate duplicates and post those information that I think are most important to others. But, to be honest, it is still more than I can digest on a typical work day - even using mobile devices to consume many chuncks of information along the day...
This very same flows are published on slideshare at and on my personal blog at

Ismael Peña-López - Infrastructure of a Personal Learning Environment

external image 0000003448_thumb.png

Paulo Simões - Twitter - the Heart of a #PLE


Wendy Drexler - Personal Learning Environments: Student Processes and Decisions

external image NetworkedStudent020910.jpg

Clark Quinn - The Performance Environment

external image PLE.jpg

Vahid Masrour's synthetic view of what a PLN/E is, and what it enables

What a PLN is, and what it does

Joyce Seitzinger - Design Your Personal Learning Network

external image 5205995052_16b1c1df91.jpg

sichivulai's PLE

sichivulai's PLE

Hazel Owen - Chan Sook: Learner ePortfolio/PLE scenario and how she uses her PLE

external image 3882865079_1f9682d217_z.jpg

Simbarashe Chiripashi's PLE


Alan McCluskey

external image configuration-1.jpg

David Álvarez

The flow of information and knowledge through a PLE...

Cristóbal Suárez Guerrero (Mi PLE)



Christine Lampe Click here for Prezi

external image my-ple-17-july-20111.png

Jaime Oyarzo – Mi PLN


**Mohsen Saadatmand** - Tools and Processes in a PLE


(I am not sure if these should be here or if this deserves another whole collection, as it is a slightly different, more literal, take on this exercise, but in any case for now I will include these here)

Dave Cormier's PLE demonstration -

Francesc Redondo - My PLE

external image EL_MEU_PLE.png

Jordi Jubany i Vila - A PLE 2011


Ian Guest - Learning Ecosystem

external image 4096836848_a082027761_o.jpg