Potential Ways in Which Your Institution can work with SOL*R

  1. Find instructional materials specific to BC articulated courses
  2. Search other collections through the federated search interface
    1. Add your collection to the ones people can search through SOL*R
  3. Alternative search interfaces (cf. BC ALPS)
    1. We support a full SOAP web services interface and have existing PHP and Python libraries to assist integration
  4. Harvest SOL*R (via OAI)
  5. RSS feeds - get notified of resources by discipline, keyword; insert RSS feed whereever you want
  6. Integrate SOL*R with your local CMS
    1. Instructors would no longer need to log into SOL*R to find resources, but can instead search it directly from within their CMS
    2. currently support Moodle, ATutor, WebCT and Blackboard
    3. inserting an existing resource into your course can then be a one click process
  7. Host different types of collections or enable different types of collaborations
    1. Inter-institutional Collaborations
    2. Discipline-based Collections
    3. Different Kinds of Resources
    4. ASP-style Hosted Solution
    5. Textbook publisher consortium licensingr your institutional LCMS needs
    6. use existing instance / new item definition + access control
    7. use a new instance we can host for you
  8. Integrate SOLR with an existing authoring platform for easy saving and retrieval
    1. cf. UBC Timeline tool