NEW (April 15, 2010)

  • extend the WP post editor so that the tag suggestion/auto-complete can be configured to use additional sources (delicious, flickr, etc) as suggestions for tags
  • extending this idea - could one build a service and a protocol/API to harvest and then share tags between services?
  • tagclouds across multiple services (could colour be an indicator of how many words came from which particular service?)
  • QUESTION: what are the attributes that users can share with an app/content that would help personalize it for them? One's which work in a loosely coupled way? Is there an aspect of OpenID that could work here? Bring along attributes as part of your profile? What other "open profile" bits might work here? Pieces of info from browser; lookinto Jetpack for Learning proposals to see if there was anything in there
  • build a front end to google that captures the search queries and then displays them as clickable links in a "search cloud" below the main search bar so that people can see what others have searched on
  • there is still no visualization tool for project mgmt that I've ever seen. The world needs one


Done / Parked