Who and Where are the existing communities that you want to reach, and how to best reach them?

The idea is to build a site that contains best practice examples of teaching with loosely coupled tools (does it have to be constrained like this?) and possibly reviews of new tools. But instead of a web-centric approach like Edutools took, which expects everyone to come there, figure out where the users already are and bring it to them.

Educational Technologists

What tech does it use / How is it 'bounded'
Ideas for best channels to reach them
blogs; unbounded, grass root/viral marketing
RSS feed of latest example sites, latest tech reviewed. Widget?
BCcampus EdTech Community
Learning Times
RSS; unsure if Learning Times offers an API
RSS. Moodle Module ? (could get much better interaction in their own environment this way. could be transferrable to other Moodle sites and maybe work well with faculty practitioners)
Facebook educational technologists group

Facebook application; could just feed them new 'best practices' but could also include a way to send back feedback/ratings; integrate with accounts?

WCET Online community
BBS software, in house software


What tech does it use / How is it 'bounded'
Ideas for best channels to reach them
CMS-based faculty
RSS. purpose built CMS tool? Moodle networks, does this help? This seems like an audience worth disrupting but a) if its too thick it requires admins with vested interests not to disrupt to install and b) might not be a receptive audience. Still the idea of doing PD for educators across their CMS seems subversively appealing. Make them "eat their own dogfood." Always wondered why higher ed didn't use their CMS to train staff and faculty.