Judy Southwell - reading circle idea - VIU did one with wikinomics, but perhaps their an OER text that could serve as the basis of the course

Paul Stacey - needs to be more than just grassroots; should look at various models (OCW, conexions, wikieducator) compare their advantages and see which ones we need to be promoting at the system level

Jeff Miler - faculty motivation/faculty associations - until the reward system reflects contributions to OER

Tony Bates - where do you go to see different examples/models of openness - self-directed content from UK OU is much different than MIT's scraping of existing courses

Richard Baraniuk - for UBC to just blindly follow OCW model would be a tremendous mistake, that marketing opportunity is largely gone (pointed especially to their content production model as problematic for excluding professors)

Joanne ? - physics instructor ??? disciplines ARE sharing; the idea of the "lazy" professor could be replaced with the prof having to teach an uper level class for the first time

Paul Stacey - rewarding the use of unique work is in tension with wanting them to reuse; maybe less so around textbooks than actual teraching materials; tension is breaking down, their ultimate value is in how they reveal pedagogical practices

michelle - what are the prof dev activites around this "open ed course" that Brian is proposing; pushback - faculty DO have a culture of reuse

SFU Pysch prof - there is a long history of reform projects (and ones that failed); how do we incorporate research into this process; open databases tracking reuse, so that not only the materials are shared but how they are being used

Laura Proctor - issues around institutional control; resources for teachers vs resources for learners - they don't have to be students in university to reuse content, how to reach the informal learner
Scott - and yet there is a massive culture of reuse already around the internet

Paul - international swap meet aroud sharing curricula / Scott - do it along idsciplinary lines / Michelle - claims they are already happening

Andre - target the "lazy professor"

Terrie - don't recreate silos in sharing; we want different disciplines collaborating

Tony Bates - market differentiator - focus not on countries that HAVE the experts, but how can the ones that DON'T have cost effective models; need to be clear about the motivations - doing it for your own staff/learners and as pro bono work are different focuses.

Judy Southwell - universal design; if you want developing nations to access materials, take infrastructure/bandwidth into consideration

Paul Stacey - add requirement to OPDF of a short video clip describing the resource, sharing the practice as much as the content.