The basic criteria is the closest-to-equivalent of an Amazon ec2-like service hosted fully on Canadian soil. Thus it must
  • allow for easy provisioning of a variety of images and/or virtual private servers without having to get to into the guts of those. At the very least easy linux (ubuntu, redhat) instances, ideally with LAMP setup as a default
  • provision these for small up-front costs, pay-for-what-you-use model
  • can dynamically size/burst
  • be Canadian based

The contenders so far

Name / URL
Plan Name
CAcloud (
Flexible Cloud -
from 1 - 8 VMs, but plans are based on # of VMs. Claims to be
"Auto-Scaling" but seem to be within the limits of each tier of plan
$9.95/1 VM/month
Really pretty disingenuous to call this "cloud" computing. They are just sharing VMs on fixed hardware that might have "burst" capabilities, but ultimately, someone is going to be sending nasty messages to increase your server package instead of just billing you more as a real dynamic service would do.
Radiant (
Doesn't list any pricing info on their site; clearly looking to gouge corporate customers with "all you can eat plans" for high fixed costs, not interested in small fish
Cloud Servers -
basically as with CAcloud, a VPS with burst capabilities
start at $21/mth
Same as with CAcloud; requires monthly contracts with base amount of cost regardless of usage
Blackcloud (

Centrilogic (
Private Cloud
standard linux images only include RedHat and CentOS, but they do say they support customer supplied images...
sadly don't list pricing which makes me worry it will be expensive, but does say it is by the hour
interesting case - Ontario-based company with both US and Canada based hosting centres and the ability to control which ones you use. I think this would get around FIPPA concerns
GreenQloud (
ComputeQloud -
pre-optimized 64-bit Linux® Distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora or Windows® server 2008/2012
nano instance $7.70/month ($0.01/hour)
VERY interesting, though the appear to be Icelandic-based. Wonder what the privacy implications there are? I love the fact that not only are they offering truly dynamic sizing, but they promise fully green computing infrastructure.
Zunicore ( a unit of Peer1
Cloud Hosting
supports many Windows and Unix VMs

also supports PaaS through integration with
"a small reservation monthly charge for CPU ($1.04 per Core) and Memory ($1.28 per 128MB)"

but on their front page they don't list a package for less than $31/month (works out to $0.04/hour)
Canadian based, one the big backbone; not the cheapest for sure.
CloudTO (
Elastic Cloud Hosting -

start at $24.95/month
not quite pure cloud, but Canadian and supports a bucket load of VM images

don't list VMs provided, pretty scant info
lowest seemed to be $41/month for VM, and didn't include bandwidth or disk!
Sask-based; not quite pure cloud; pretty sketchy, looks like it is situated in the research park at U Sask
Cloud Servers
variety of levels of package; all CentOS; unclear about whether it is pay by the hour and if you can park it
lowest was $29/mth

Rackforce Cloud -
pretty scant on details
don't give pricing, a bit suspect

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