Because we know edupunks won't do anything without some reward or recognition, we've come up with this stylish set of Edupunk Merit Badges. As they perform more 'punky' acts and work their way into the club, Merit Badges are a good way to signal to others "Hey, I'm an edupunk, how about you?"

The 'Beginners' Badge - awarded after 1 year of completion as an edupunk


The 'Joe Strummer' - for indefatigable resistance of capitalist tyranny and radical roots rockin' beats


The 'Sid Vicious' - awarded to the coolest looking edupunk (who doesn't really ever do anything)


The 'Iggy' - for Searching and Destroying LMS everywhere!


The 'Ramones' - rewarded for the best educational sites using 3, and only 3, RSS feeds - ever.


The 'SLF' - most unsung edupunk


The 'Dead Kennedy' - for the edupunk who most valiantly defends net neutrality whilst offending as many people as possible


The 'Caballero' Badge - Awarded to the biggest corporate rock whore pretending to be an edupunk. Damn the man!

Collect them all!