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Pimp My Browser!

Client-side Enhancements to Improve your Blogging

The Pitch: One of the reasons I love moosecamp is that, to use Nancy White's phrase, it allows me to "learn over the shoulder" of a lot of really experienced bloggers/web users. I'm particularly interested in learning about ways people use "client side extensions" - browser-based means like bookmarklets, plugins, add-ons, greasemonkey scripts, etc, - to improve their blogging experience. To me, the browser, as the last place data hits before you see it, and as the environment over which you, as the end user, exert the most control, offers an ideal place to perform mashups or other enhancements to your blogging experience. So I'd like to explore some of these - we have some like feedly, ubiquity, scribefire, etc, to demo, but what we're really hoping is that others will show off their process/tips/tricks, because everyone's got some trick they've figured out that I'd love to know.

Blog Authoring

Blog Reading

Flock http://www.flock.com/
  • using the Flock blog author utility
  • blogging from the media stream

Other Ways in which people extend their browser for blogging

Any one tried One-Click Installer for WP? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7511
How about Exporter? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8672

No Squint
greasemonkey - download as mp4 from youtube
javascript search any wordpress blog
greasemonkey better gmail
web developer toolbar

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