Background on Open Loosely Joined Publishing Tools movement

Open Publishing Framework (content flow, syndication, reuse - openness as unifying principle)
The idea is that in addition to openness being good in its own right, it is also the reason why so many of the recent social software experiments have succeed, by tapping into the power of "network effects" that openness enables. In addition, openness preserves the URL/linkability paradigm of the web, so that re-use *can* be as simple as using various "embed code" techniques (made popular by Web 2.0 apps) or else simple RSS syndication as a way to get content to move around, get reused, remixed and distributed. No IMS. No SCORM. No import and export tools. Simple.

Creating a number of tools and techniques, ideally based on top of existing popular and easy to use open source tools like Wordpress, Mediawiki, Moodle and Drupal, will provide an easy way for instructors and students both to teach and learn AND create open content AND re-mix/re-use existing open content.

There are many people who are working on and have demonstrated pieces of this. Below is a collection of links to various people and projects. They are likely very many more. (This list got created as we were trying to organize a 'kickabout' of some of them, and is not meant to be exclusive. Indeed, if you have a wikispaces account, I can add you to the space if you want to add to the page. - SWL)

Some of the major agitators I'm aware of

Brian Lamb, UBC OLT dev team -
D'Arcy Norman -
Jim Groom -
COSL David Wiley, Justin Ball -
Bill Fitzgerald - Open Academic and
OU/social:learn - Tony Hirst & Martin Weller

Scott Wilson - Feed Forward and
COL - Wikieducator, Wayne Mackintosh -
Cole Camplese -
Stephen Downes -
Graham Attwell -

The problem(s) & opportunities stated

WordPress MultiUser


social learn

ocw/oer remixing
"We at OLT are also near completion on a framework that will allow MediaWiki content to be reproduced in RSS or JSON and be very amenable to content mashing."
- who was that guy from Spain at Open Ed last year? Pedro? - video showing UBC's JSON embed to mediawiki remix

OCW disaggregation -
OpenLearn RSS feeds -
OER Feeds -


Metamod OCW Module -
Open Learn (OCW in Moodle -


eXe - wiki-> LMS/IMS CP -