Bigger Questions

  • what would a Wordpress environment look like that was set up to help teaching and learning in a formal higher ed environment look like?
    • what are the missing pieces?
    • what would it look like for this to work with a "loosely coupled gradebook"?
    • how to provide archival services? (e.g. preserve any materials that were actual part of the formal assessment process so that they could withstand a challenge)
    • SIS integration - is this needed? what form would it take?
  • kind of like the above - what would a good campus -wide blogging toolkit look like? what plugins are critical? what are some different 'patterns'?
  • the mythical eduglu - are we any closer yet? what is missing? is it still a useful goal? is it the above?
  • what are some of the interesting/unconventional ways in which blogs are actually being used in higher ed classes
  • blogging across the academic career - by individual blog? by tag? category? shouldn't matter? does it make any difference?
  • blog as eportoflio - is there anything 'special' required here, or is this a case of just framing it properly?

Smaller Questions / Specific things I'd like to learn

  • WPMU - good free site-wide homepages other than the ones on WPMU-DEV Premium site?
  • settings for the right workflow to allow existing users to create new blogs (especially in integrated authentication situations, e.g. LDAP or CAS)
  • CAS integration for WPMU?
  • WP as OpenID provider?
  • anyone taken other themes and buddypress enabled them? tweaked existing BP themes?
  • can ANY theme have a specific page act as the 'home page' for the site, or is this a theme-specific thing? How does one go about customizing a theme so that there was either a 'sticky post' or a specific 'page' as the overall site homepage?
  • wordpress wiki - play with this some more
  • scholarpress - anyone using? any news on wpmu availability?
  • wiki inc - play with this some more


List of BC institutions attending

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